Range Hood Buying Guide: What You Need To Know

Range Hood Buying Guide: What You Need To Know

range hood buying guide

Range Hood Buying Guide 2022

Are you looking for the range hood buying guide? Well, Today we’re discussing the different types and styles of various range hoods available on the market today.

The primary purpose of a range hood is to ventilate your kitchen to remove smoke, steam, odors, and heat as well as to help absorb and trap grease so that it doesn’t end up on your walls, cabinets, and appliances.

Hoods have 3 venting options Vented or Ducted – which funnels the bad air to the outside of your home through a duct, wall, or roof.

Non-Vented or Recirculating – pulls the bad air through a charcoal filter and exhausts the clean air back into the room.

It’s a good idea to change the charcoal filter regularly. Otherwise, it’s not as effective and Convertible, which simply means the hood has the option to be vented or non-vented.

Here are some terms you should become familiar with when purchasing a range hood:

  • CFM’s – which stands for cubic foot per minute. It’s how the power of air movement is measured. The minimum rate of 1 CFM of ventilation per100 BTU’s is the For example, if your range top total output is 45,000 BTU’s your hood should have at least a 450 CFM output to get the best results.
  • Makeup Air Damper – this is a device that opens and closes to allow fresh air into makeup air extracted by the hood.
  • Air Capture – which is the area that the hood actually covers. The best way to get effective air removal is to purchase a hood that at least as wide as the cooking surface and deep enough to cover the back burners and at least half of the front burners. Shallower hoods should be mounted closer to the cooktop surface.

Now let’s talk about the available Kitchen Hood Styles.

#1. Canopy Hoods

Canopy Hoods are the most common of all hoods; they must either mount to a wall, under-cabinet or soffit.

They range in sizes from 21 to 42-inch wide and can be as tall as 10 inches.

Lower outputs can go as high as 1,000 CFM’s on a few models but more commonly CFM’s range between 300 and 800, with included blowers.

These hoods will also have the most flexible price points.

#2. Chimney Hoods

rang hood buying guide

Chimney Hoods consist of a canopy and duct cover that can be a wall, or ceiling mounted if installed over an Island.

They range in sizes from 30 to 60 inches wide with the ability to extend the duct cover up to 12 inches high depending on the model to accommodate up to 10 ft ceiling.

The canopies on these models are available in Stainless or Glass with several decorative styles to accent any kitchen.

The average range between 300 and800 CFM’s with the included blowers and only a few models available over 1000 CFM’s.

#3. Downdrafts

range hood buying guide

Downdrafts are a good alternative if traditional venting isn’t an option, they lay flush with your cooktop when not in use and pop up for venting when needed.

Downdrafts work by drawing the air down through a vent to the outside and in a few models have the ability to recirculate.

Downdraft hoods range in sizes from 4 – 48 inches wide and have an average CFM rating between 300 and 1200 CFM’s depending on the blower type.

#4. Professional Hoods

Professional Hoods are more robust versions of the standard chimney and canopy models.

They are specifically designed to operate over the higher BTU Pro-Style Range, Cooktops, and Grills.

The canopies on these models can be as tall as 18 high with blower outputs upward of 1,500 CFM’s.

It’s important to remember that not all professional hoods include blowers.

Custom hood inserts are units designed to fit inside a custom cabinet or enclosure.

These inserts can contain lighting, blowers, and speed control.

These inserts give you the ability to completely customize the look and allow you to choose the appropriate amount of power and like Pro-Style Hoods, the blower may be an added cost.

Another thing to consider when buying a hood is blower types.

Hood blowers come 3 ways:

  • Internal blowers – which means the blower motor is inside the actual hood, because of this these units tend to be a bit noisier than the external models but are ideal for those who have restrictions with ductwork or several bends in the duct.

They are extremely functional and offer great performance.

  • External blowers – which means the blower is usually mounted somewhere outside the home usually on the roof or in an attic.

These units minimize noise levels on the inside and perform just as well or better than internal blowers because they tend to offer higher CFM’s.

But be sure to mount them far enough away so that the external noise from the units don’t disturb you when you are outside and know that they will require a more detailed installation.

  • In-Line blowers – which are blowers that sit in the duct run either between the ceiling joist, floor joist, or in the attic.

In-Line blowers are beneficial if you have a long duct run or a number of turns in your duct.

It can also be added to your main blower to strengthen power.

There are a couple of things you should be aware of before and after you have purchased your hood.

If you are remodeling or have purchased new construction, check with your municipality before purchasing a hood to see if there is a maximum CFM requirement.

When using a hood with a CFM rating higher than 400, a makeup air damper may be required so be sure to check with your local municipality.

And lastly, be sure to turn on your hood at least 10 minutes before you start cooking to get the proper airflow going.

Turning your hood on after you have started cooking makes it much more difficult for the hood to be effective with air capture.


So that sums up the range hood buying guide.

We hope you enjoyed this article.

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Best French Press Coffee Maker (Review) In 2022

Best French Press Coffee Maker (Review) In 2022


Frieling Double Walled
Coffee French Press

Check Latest Price

Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee

Check Latest Price

Bodum Brazil French Press Coffee Maker

Check Latest Price

Best French Press Coffee Maker 2022

Are you looking for the best french press coffee maker? Well, in today’s article we will breakdown the top 6 best French presses that are available on the market.

Coffee brewing methods are many and varied — You have pour over, cold brew, classic espresso, and more.

One of the most popular methods is the French Press, which lets your coffee grounds swirl around in boiling water to brew before you push the plunger down and pour the coffee right into your mug.

There are dozens of great French Press coffee makers out there, but they’re not all created equal.

#1. Bodum Chambord French Press Coffee Maker

best french press coffee maker

Check Latest Price

Best overall French Press.

Bodrum’s Chambord will, at least in my eyes, forever be the prototype to which all other French Presses are compared, and, unless you’re fussy about grit in the bottom of your mug or particularly accident-prone, it’s almost certainly the French Press for you.

There’s not a lot to a French Press: stainless steel for the frame and plunger, a little polypropylene for the handle, and heat-resistant borosilicate for the carafe.

If you want to jazz up your pot a little, consider the cork-topped plunger.

Bodum, though a Danish company, makes its French Presses in Portugal, which is, after all, the cork capital of the world.

Reviews of the Bodum Chambord on Amazon are largely positive (about 3,000, rounding out

to 4.2/5 stars), but a good number of them complain about the same thing: The stainless-steel frame that holds the carafe in place is wont to warp over time, especially if you’re not careful when you remove the carafe.

That would be more or less fine if the plastic handle weren’t supported by it on one side with no fastener.

As a result, the handle tends to slip out of the frame once it’s been bent, and that’s how catastrophe takes place.

I’ve noticed this myself and had one or two close calls over the years, but I was able to bend it back into place which, touch wood, has held.

Still, it’s certainly an inconvenience.

What’s more inconvenient is a limited 1-year warranty that doesn’t cover the glass.

But, while this press may be sort of fragile, and the warranty may not be terribly encouraging, it’s fairly inexpensive and does its job well.

Just treat it carefully, and be sure to let it cool down before cleaning.

Although it is heat-resistant, borosilicate becomes much less stable when heated up.

Otherwise, consider investing a little more in a stainless-steel model.

Glass is still glass, for now.

More Details

#2. Frieling Double Walled Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

best french press coffee maker

Check Latest Price

The best high-end French press.

If you want a top-of-the-line, stainless steel French Press, the Frieling Double Walled Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker is the best one you can buy.

It’s made of remarkably high quality 18/10 stainless steel, and it has a double-wall design to keep the heat inside and away from your hands.

The dual-layer steel wall also keeps your coffee piping hot, and Frieling claims it’s four times better at keeping your coffee warm than glass French Presses.

The Frieling French Press we recommend has a 36-ounce capacity, but the company also makes French Presses in sizes ranging from eight ounces to 44 ounces.

Inside, there’s a 2-stage filter system with both a big metal filter and a fine mesh one, and a metal wire inside the coil presses the plunger tight against the stainless-steel wall.

Together, these features make sure that you don’t get many coffee grounds in your cup.

Frieling’s French Press is also dishwasher safe, so it’s very easy to clean when you’re done.

The company offers a 5-year warranty if of any defects, and buyers on Amazon are very happy with how durable it is.

While glass French Presses tend to break in accidents, stainless steel ones like this do not.

The handle is also long and comfortable to hold.

A number of cites call the Frieling the best high-end French Press you can buy, including Consumer Reports, FreshPresso, Brown’s Coffee, the Little Coffee Place, and Coffee Maker Clips.

More Details

#3. Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker

best french press coffee maker

Check Latest Price

The best affordable French press which goes to the Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker.

The Bodum Brazil 8-Cup French Press Coffee Maker was designed in the early 80’s, and it was the company’s first coffeemaker.

All these years later, it’s still one of the most iconic French Presses you can buy.

Like most of the other French Presses in our guide, the Bodum Brazil has a 34-ounce capacity and is made from durable, heat-resistant borosilicate glass.

It has a BPA-free Plastic handle and base that’s dishwasher safe and great at dissipating heat, so you can handle it easily.

The plunger ends in a 3-part stainless steel mesh filter that keeps most coffee grounds out of your cup of Joe, but doesn’t mess with the coffee’s flavors.

Bodum’s Brazil isn’t as fancy looking as the Frieling or SterlingPro models, but it is extremely affordable and very reliable.

Buyers on Amazon rate it highly and love how sturdy the plastic base, handle, and lid feel.

You can also get the Brazil in different colors to add some fun to your kitchen.

The low-price tag and delicious coffee, it produces make the Brazil a top pick for many people on a budget.

Consumer Reports, Brown’s Coffee, and Coffee Maker Picks all recommend the Bodum Brazil as a great French Press for less than $20.

If you want something more durable and fancier with a metal case and plunger lid, you can check out the Bodum Chambord, which costs $28 on Amazon, and is also highly recommended.

More Details

#4. SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press

Check Latest Price

The best affordable stainless-steel French press.

If you love stainless steel, but you don’t want to pay $100 for a high-end French Press like the Frieling, the SterlingPro Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press is a great deal at less than $40.

This French Press comes in two capacities, 1 liter or 1.5 liters, and it’s made of 18/10 stainless steel.

The double-wall design keeps your coffee warm and protects your hands from burning when you touch the sides or handle.

Just like on the glass SterlingPro French Press, this stainless steel one has a plunger with two screens to filter out most coffee particles.

You also get two free replacement screens.

It more or less offers everything the $99 Frieling French Press does for less than half the price.

The only real difference is that the SterlingPro doesn’t have that nice five-year warranty.

User reviews on Amazon are largely positive, and buyers love the slick steel design.

Coffee bloggers recommend the SterlingPro French Press, too, including Roasty Coffee, the Little Coffee Place, Brown’s Coffee, and Coffee Maker Picks.

More Details

#5. Bodum Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Mug

Check Latest Price

The best travel-friendly French press.

If you always run out of time in the morning, you can make your coffee on the go with the Bodum Stainless-Steel Travel French Press Mug.

Just spoon some coarsely ground coffee in the bottom, pour hot water on top, pop the lid on, and rush out the door.

Plunge it down a few minutes later when you’re in your car, on the subway, or at work, and voilà! Fresh French Press coffee is yours.

Bodum makes a few different travel mugs, but you should buy the French Press style stainless steel one.

It is vacuum-sealed and has a double-walled design to keep your coffee hot for hours.

The stainless steel one won’t crack or break like the plastic one, and it’ll keep your coffee hotter longer.

Bodum’s Travel Press also has a fun colorful silicone grip around the middle that makes this travel mug easy to hold and prevents burned fingers.

You can use it for cold drinks or tea as well, so it’s a very versatile mug.

User reviews for the stainless steel Bodum Travel Press Mug are mostly positive.

Those who bought the plastic version tend to complain about durability issues.

Many coffee blogs — including Coffee Maker Picks, Coffee Gear at Home, and FreshPresso also recommend the stainless steel Bodum mug as a great French Press mug for people on the go.

More Details

#6. AeroPress For Coffee

Check Latest Price

Best alternative French Press.

One of my favorite discoveries in the coffee world this year has been the AeroPress.

I’m predominantly an espresso drinker, and I have my various portable devices for that, but if there’s anything that will suffice in its place it’s a French Press.

The AeroPress is a very simple but effective method for getting a quick foamy cup of rich coffee on the go, and there is a formidable subculture of java heads that have ditched everything else altogether in light of it.

It’s also quick, especially because it requires espresso grounds, so there’s not so much steeping time as there is with a French Press.

No, the AeroPress, as you may have already gathered, is not the prettiest thing around.

Far from it, in fact, it looks more like some sort of medical receptacle than something you’d want anywhere near your kitchen.

But then that’s the beauty of its size: It doesn’t have to live on your counter.

The whole process is only marginally more involved than loading a French Press.

You pack a compartment with a shot of roughly espresso-ground beans, slap a paper filter on it, pour some water over it, and plunge it through into your cup.

Because the grounds are finer, there’s a good chance you’ll have a cup ready quicker than you would if you were using a French Press.

For less than $30, it also comes with all the utensils you’ll need, start to finish, including 350 paper filters, which can be reused.

And if you don’t believe me, just have a look at the astoundingly positive set of reviews on Amazon.

More Details


So that sums up the top 6 best french press coffee maker.

We hope you enjoyed this article.

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Until next time have a great day.

B5 Best Fire Pit under $200 | Budget-Friendly Fire Pits

B5 Best Fire Pit under $200 | Budget-Friendly Fire Pits


Endless Outdoor Propane Fireplace

Check Latest Price

AmazonBasics 26 Portable Fire Pit

Check Latest Price

Outland Living Propane Fire Table

Check Latest Price

Best Fire Pit Under $200 For 2022

Are you looking for the Best Fire Pit Under $200? Well, in today’s article we will breakdown the top 5 Best Fire Pit Under $200 that are available on the market.

#1. Blue Rhino Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fireplace

Check Latest Price

Best overall fire pit.

There are a lot of things to like about the Blue Rhino Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fireplace, so let’s start with the most obvious: the fire.

This pit can create 30,000 BTUs of heat, which is more than enough to keep you and a few friends warm and toasty even when winter’s chill has settled in.

Once you have a standard propane tank hooked up and concealed within the case below, lighting it up to enjoy the flames requires nothing more than the push of a button.

The recessed area that holds the burner is flanked by faux-stone tiles that form a wide ledge around the piece.

The design provides ample space to rest a beverage, a snack, or even to put up your feet.

Just don’t put foodstuffs or feet too close to the actual flames or you may melt.

The Blue Rhino Endless Summer Outdoor Propane Fireplace comes with lava rocks that add aesthetic charm and help to more evenly disperse the dancing flames, though many people find they need to add more rocks to complete the look and the effect.

You can also always remove the rocks in favor of glass for a truly dazzling effect.

Also included is a cover that helps protect the unit from weather, though don’t worry if you regularly forget to put it on.

This fire pit will remain to look great and working well for years even if subject to snow, rain, heat, cold, and everything else nature can throw its way.

The Blue Rhino fire pit has a solid 4.3-star average rating on Amazon with dozens of reviews posted by owners.

One warm and cozy customer’s glowing review says that “no matter how cold [the fire pit] does the job” of keeping him warm.

Another says it puts out plenty of heat “and was priced right.”

In a Consumer Search write up, a product reviewer calls this fire pit “very sturdy” in construction and “easy to light” once assembled and connected to its fuel source.

More Details

#2. AmazonBasics Steel Lattice: Round Wood Burning Table

Check Latest Price

Best low-cost fire pit.

There’s nothing all that fancy about the AmazonBasics Steel Lattice Fire Pit, but guess what?

There’s no need for fancy when it comes to a wood-burning fire pit, there’s only the need for function.

The lattice design of the fire pit allows for a full 360-degree view of the fire as well as for even warmth distribution all around the fire pit.

A steel screen built behind the bands of latticework help reduce the chance that an errant spark will cause injury or potential damage, while an included spark screen that fits over the

the unit helps catch embers.

At just 23.5 inches across, this fire pit is better suited to smaller fires, and due to the exposure created by the lattice design, it’s not a great fire pit for use in spaces subject to steady breezes or wind gusts, as the flames are easily fanned and the smoke can get a bit thick.

Given the easy portability of this 22-pound fire pit, you can move it around your property at will until you have found the perfect spot for it.

And again, with its low price, it’s a great buy even if you can’t use it on certain windy days.

The AmazonBasics Steel Lattice Fire Pit requires some quick and easy assembly when it arrives, and it comes with a free fire poker included.

Adding a cover is a good idea, as is drilling a few drainage holes in the bottom.

With more than a hundred reviews in, this fire pit has a commendable four-star average rating on Amazon.

One customer speaks for many when he says it was “easy to assemble and looks great” and “is a good value,” adding that the “lattice sides cast really nice light.”

A writer with Best10Choices called this fire pit “lightweight and hence easy to transport,” and notes the great price as well, of course.

More Details

#3. Sunnydaze Decor Cast-Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit Bowl

best fire pit under $200

Check Latest Price

Best wood burning fire pit.

If you’re looking for a great wood burning fire pit, might I recommend you heed the age-old advice that simpler is always better?

And it doesn’t get much simpler than this.

The Sunnydaze Decor Cast-Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit Bowl is nothing more than a broad, deep basin designed to hold plenty of weight and stand up to intense heat, so you can load it up with lots of logs and have yourself a hot, roaring fire.

The pit is made from durable cast iron that is colored to look like steel and that will take on a unique, ruddy finish as it oxidizes over the years.

Its four ten-inch legs keep the 35-pound bowl stable on all sorts of surfaces, from pavers to grass to a wooden deck.

And when you need to shift the fire pit from place to place, two built-in handles make the move easy.

Just make sure it’s cool.

Whether brought along to the campsite, beach, or park or enjoyed as a permanent fixture of your property at home, this fire pit will last for years even with heavy use.

To ensure it remains in ideal condition, you will want to get a cover, though, and you’d be well advised to drill a few drainage holes into the bottom of the bowl so water doesn’t collect and sit in the piece.

The Sunnydaze Decor Cast-Iron Wood Burning Fire Pit Bowl has multiple glowing four- and five-star reviews online, with one owner calling it plenty “big enough for a comfortable fire in cooler weather.”

Another adds that the fire bowl is durable thanks to being “well made” using thick metal.

One review reinforces the wisdom of getting a cover, though, pointing out that the “attaching hardware (nuts/bolts)” are subject to rusting and losing some of their durability and effectiveness.

More Details

#4. Outland Living Firebowl Deluxe: Best Outdoor Natural Gas Fire Pit

Check Latest Price

Best portable fire pit.

As they say, good things do come in small packages.

The Outland Living Firebowl Deluxe Portable Gas Fire Pit measures just 19 inches across and weighs less than 25 pounds, making it small and portable enough for use during any car camping trip, not to mention making it easy to store this little fire pit on a garage shelf or even in an apartment’s closet.

Yet don’t let its small size fool you.

This fire pit can create more than 55,000 BTUs of heat, bringing plenty of warmth to even the coldest night.

The Outland Living Firebowl is designed to work with any common five-gallon propane tank, and its ten-foot-long gas hose allows you to set said tank well away from the burner, which you’ll appreciate both for aesthetics and for safety.

The size and intensity of the flame are controlled using a simple dial, and the fire can be started with a push of the igniter button.

Included with your plucky little fire pit are decorative rocks that help spread the flames around as well as a carrying strap system that hooks onto the unit for easy portability.

This little outdoor fire pit is a great alternative to campfires, where burning wood is illegal, unsafe, or just inconvenient.

It also makes a great addition to a tailgating party, a chilly day at the park, or for any time you want your own property a bit warmer and more welcoming.

With hundreds of ratings in, the Outland Living Firebowl Deluxe Portable Gas Fire Pit enjoys a stellar 4.8-star average rating.

One buyer calls it the “perfect compact fire pit for camping,” while another loved how it “travels well, cools off relatively quickly, [and is] light enough to carry around” easily.

A writer with Ventless Fireplace Review pointed out this fire pits “high grade” steel construction and excellent portability.

More Details

#5. Best Choice Products Gas Fire Pit Table

best fire pit under $200

Check Latest Price

Best fire pit table.

Whether you are looking to perfect the “outdoor room” at your home or you want to add some warmth and style to the patio of a hotel, lounge, restaurant, or another commercial establishment, the Best Choice Products Gas Fire Pit Table is a great way to do it.

This large, stylish, durable piece of outdoor furniture offers plenty of room to place cocktails or coffees or even to be used for dining thanks to the broad tabletop.

But of course, it’s the long, slender 50,000 BTU burner nestled into the rectangular recess at the center that makes this piece a true gem.

That’s all the truer thanks to the generous amount of glass beads that come included with the table, which shimmer and sparkle when the fire is lit at night.

The Best Choice Products Gas Fire Pit Table is constructed primarily out of weather-resistant heavy-duty aluminum that has a crisp black finish.

This durable metal won’t rust or corrode even with regular exposure to moisture or precipitation, and it resists cracks, dents, and scratches, too, making this unit a good choice for use in high traffic areas.

An included nylon cover will further help to prolong its lifespan and preserve its quality.

While this piece is far and away the most expensive option on our list, given the fact that it’s a 57-inch long by the 22-inch wide table with a potent burner and a sleek aesthetic.

One owner didn’t mind the price at all, praising the table’s “rich look without the expensive cost” and saying that it “works perfectly.”

Another owner called it “easy to assemble” and sturdy once built.

A writer from Outdoor Man Caves called the Best Choice Products fire pit table an easy 30-minute assembly project and noted how easily a propane tank fits below the table and connected to the burner.

More Details


So that sums up the top 5 Best Fire Pit Under $200.

We hope you enjoyed this article.

If you did please leave a comment on this article and share it.

Until next time have a great day.

Best Compost Bin For Kitchen (Review & Top 5 Picked) In 2022

Best Compost Bin For Kitchen (Review & Top 5 Picked) In 2022


Enviro Cycle Tumbler
Compost Bin

Check Latest Price

SCD All Season
Compost Bin

Check Latest Price

Yimbly Tumbler
Compost Bin

Check Latest Price

Best Compost Bin For Kitchen 2022

Are you looking for the best compost bin for kitchen?

Well, in today’s article we will breakdown the top 5 best compost bins for your kitchen that are available on the market.

Compost is like gold for your garden, encouraging healthy growth, strong roots, and bountiful blooms.

Plants need vitamins and nutrients for proper growth just as you do, and compost is like a multi-vitamin for greenery.

#1. Yimby Tumbler Compost Bin

Best Compost Bin For Kitchen

Check Latest Price

The best overall compost bin.

Compost tumblers, such as the Yimby Tumbler Composter, typically resemble a large sideways barrel on a stand.

These composters are easy to use, and a great choice for the gardener who doesn’t have a lot of extra space in the yard.

Fill the Yimby with up to 37 gallons of organic waste and give the barrel five to six spins every two or three days.

The tumbling action aerates the compost, breaking it down more quickly for use in the garden — no need for digging, shovelings, or mixing the compost by hand.

If it’s warm enough, and you’ve balanced your ingredients properly, you’ll have compost ready for the garden in as little as two weeks.

There are two inner chambers in the Yimby, so you can have two batches of compost in different stages of decomposition going at the same time.

The large door makes it easy to add scraps and dump out finished compost.

The composter is made of BPA-free, Uninhibited, recycled polypropylene, so it won’t break down in direct sunlight or leach harmful chemicals into your compost.

The galvanized steel frame is corrosion resistant.

With more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon, the Yimby Tumbler Composter has an average of 4.1 stars, and many rave reviews, including this one from happy buyer Lorrie: “Overall, this composter is affordable, works as advertised when used with common sense, easy to tumble, makes beautiful compost, and I would recommend it as an affordable alternative to the more expensive tumblers.”

On the downside, many buyers commented that the Yimby is somewhat difficult to assemble.

More Details

#2. Enviro Cycle Tumbler Bin

Best Compost Bin For Kitchen

Check Latest Price

The best rolling compost bin.

Rolling composters, such as the Enviro cycle Tumbler Bin, are large plastic balls with a tightly fitted lid.

The bin sits on a stand, making it easy to give it a roll or two each day, thus keeping the compost aerated and circulating for quicker decomposition.

The Enviro cycle Tumbler Bin, which bills itself as, “The most beautiful composter in the world,” comes in two sizes: a 17-gallon bin for smaller yards and a 35-gallon bin for those with larger gardens.

You also get it in black or hot pink. What’s great for rolling compost bins is that when your compost is completely “cooked,” you simply roll the composter right where you want the compost, open it up, and dump or shovel the contents around your plants.

No need for a bucket or wheelbarrow to transport the compost.

According to Amazon buyers, it’s fairly easy to roll the Enviro cycle even when it’s full.

The Enviro cycle is made of BPA-free, food-safe plastic that won’t fade, warp, or crack even in rough weather conditions.

A small spigot in the base lets you pour out “compost tea” to use as fertilizer.

Plants love this nutrient-rich liquid product of compost decomposition.

With nearly 600 reviews and an average of 4.5 stars, this is one of the most popular outdoor composters on Amazon, despite the somewhat high price.

More Details

#3. SCD Probiotics All Season Indoor Composter Kit

best compost bin for kitchen

Check Latest Price

The best kitchen compost bin

While you can’t complete the full decomposition cycle indoors, the SCD Probiotics All Season Indoor Composter Kit lets you get a head start on your compost making and provides plenty of compost tea, as well.

If you simply want an attractive container to hold food scraps until you have a chance to add them to your outdoor compost bin, the Erica Stainless Steel Compost Bin is effective and attractive.

If you don’t have room for a full-size composter, or have a very small garden, you might find that the SCD Probiotics All Season Indoor Composter Kit is all that you need.

This anaerobic composter is intended for indoor use, but don’t worry — It won’t stink up your kitchen, and it fits right under the kitchen sink.

The kit includes a 5-gallon airtight bucket with a handy spigot for releasing compost tea, but what really sets this system apart from traditional outdoor composters is the included gallon bag of Bokashi compost starter, which activates the anaerobic fermentation process.

Just drop your food scraps into the bucket, add a layer of Bokashi and fasten the lid.

The compost will not fully “cook” inside this composter, however, so when the bucket is full, you’ll need to bury or scatter the contents in your outdoor garden to finish the composting process.

If you are just looking for a convenient, airtight container to hold scraps until you have a chance to empty them into your outdoor compost bin, the Erica Stainless Steel Compost Bin looks good enough to keep out on your counter, has a charcoal filter to prevent odor and holds up to 1.3 gallons of kitchen scraps.

More Details

#4. Work Factory 360 Composter

Check Latest Price

The best worm bin composter.

As with all things, what goes in must come out, and that’s what makes the worm composting — also called vermicomposting — so effective.

Worms devour your food scraps, digest them, and then poop out super-rich, fertile compost loaded with nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and many micronutrients.

The action of the worms also keeps the composted, rated and tumbled, so no need to do that yourself. When tended to properly, your worm composter should have no smell.

The Worm Factory 360 is small enough to sit in a sun porch or corner of the kitchen, or you can tuck it on a protected area of your patio.

Worm bins do need to be kept in a temperature range of 40 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, so if outdoors in a cold winter area, you will need to bring the bin indoors for the winter.

The setup includes four trays, although you can add additional trays if you want to expand.

The process of vermicomposting is simple: Add worms to the bottom tray along with organic waste, and the worms will start their magic.

When the bottom tray is full, add a new tray on top.

The worms will work their way up through the trays, allowing you to rotate trays as compost breaks down.

There’s a spigot to drain out compost tea, and small “ladders” that make it easier for your worms to crawl into the upper trays.

With 750 reviews and an average of 4.4 stars, Amazon shoppers really like the Worm Factory 360.

Satisfied buyer Chad writes, I could not be more pleased with my purchase.

I have NO worm escapees, and any excess moisture drains from the bottom spigot.

My red worms are thriving and voraciously consuming the food scraps I deposit into the tray.

Great product and convenient for apartment living.

You will need to stock your worm bin with red worms, so look to Uncle Jim’s Red Worms for a source of 1,000 live red wigglers.

Add them to the bottom bin of your composter, and the worms will do the rest.

The Worm Factory 360 comes with an instructional DVD that teaches you everything you need to know about vermicomposting. The composter is available in black, green, or terracotta.

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#5. Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin

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The best basic closed compost bin.

The most basic type of closed composter, the Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin is basically a box made of black plastic to maintain heat and regulate moisture for quicker composting.

The open bottom lets worms, moisture, and microorganisms freely enter the bin to work their composting magic on your food scraps, yard waste, and other organic trash.

The lid lifts off so you can toss in scraps easily, and locks in place when closed so hungry critters can’t raid the bin.

There are plenty of vents, as well, which let oxygen reach the bin’s contents.

While it’s not required that you mix the decomposing compost periodically, it will greatly speed up the process.

Unlike tumbling or rolling compost bins, mixing the contents of a traditional closed bin means you’ll need to use a shovel or pitchfork.

Once the lower levels of the compost are “cooked”, you simply open the sliding doors on the bin’s lower edge and shovel out the black gold.

The bin’s 12- cubic-foot capacity means you can provide your yard with plenty of nourishing compost throughout the year.

The sturdy construction and heavy plastic won’t warp, split, or crack, and is BPA-free.

Pleased Amazon buyers praise the bin’s sturdy construction, ease of use and fertile compost.

Many call it “the perfect composter,” and say they own two or more of the bins for full-yard composting.

The few complaints mostly deal with receiving faulty products.

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Chop Like a Pro: 3 Best Cutting Boards for Meat That Every Cook Needs in 2023

Chop Like a Pro: 3 Best Cutting Boards for Meat That Every Cook Needs in 2023


OXO Good Grips Cutting Board

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Hardwood Chef Cutting Board

Check latest Price 4/5

Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board

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Best Cutting Board For Meat 2022

Are you looking for the best cutting board for meat?

Well, in today’s article we will breakdown the top 4 best cutting boards that are available on the market.

#1. Large Walnut Wood Cutting Board by Virginia Boys Kitchens

Best Cutting Board For Meat Check Latest Price

Walnut cutting boards are known for their luxurious appearance.

This kind of board is popular because they are shiny and very durable.

Virginia Boys takes pride in this Walnut cutting board because of its high quality.

First of all, don’t be surprised when you buy this cutting board because they are sold in their raw form.

Virginia Boys made this cutting board customizable so that buyers can choose the kind of finishing wax and seasoning oil that you want for your cutting board.

We like this feature since we have the opportunity to choose a wax or oil that meets our standards especially since it would touch or food and ingredients.

This cutting board has a measurement of 17×11 which is a good size since it fits even long knives.

It gives cooks a generous space so that they can slice the ingredients properly.

Additionally, this cutting board can also be used for your cheese servings and charcuteries because of its beautiful finish and large size.

This Virginia Boys cutting board is a great gift idea for your friends or family members who love to cook.

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#2. OXO Good Grips Cutting and Carving Board

Best Cutting Board For Meat Check Latest Price

Woodcutting boards may look great but using them for cutting raw meats can lead to cross-contamination.

If you want a cutting board that will prevent that from happening, then you should get one that is made of plastic materials since they are easier to clean and sanitize.

One good example of such type of cutting board is the OXO Good Grips Cutting and Carving board.

This product is made of non-porous and odor-resistant polypropylene material that is durable enough for your kitchen needs.

The first thing that you might notice in this cutting board is the black lining on the sides.

This design is not only for aesthetic purposes but also to make the cutting board easy to use.

The black lining on the sides of the cutting board prevents it from slipping in the counter.

Plastic chopping boards are known for moving too much, but this one has a good grip on the counter.

Plus, the sides also act as handles that you can use to lift the board easily.

The good thing about this cutting board is that it’s affordable.

Even if you’re on a budget, this product still offers a lot of features that would be useful in your kitchen.

The OXO Good Grips are also made to resist deep scratches and to prevent your knife from getting dull.

It’s also reversible, so you can avoid cross-contamination when working with different ingredients.

As for the size, this cutting board is big enough for when you’re using a chef’s knife.

It comes in other sizes as well.

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#3. Teak Cutting Board by Teakhaus

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This teak cutting board is an eye candy because of its simple and traditional style.

There might be a lot of modernly designed chopping boards in the market right now, but a simple one like this also has its charms.

The rustic appearance of this cutting board might even remind you of your mom or grand mom’s chopping board.

Teak wood is a great material because it can resist scarring better than other types of wood.

However, don’t get your expectations too high because heavy butchering can still damage the surface of your teak cutting board.

But when it comes to durability, this wood score really high.

The Teak tree is actually known for resisting termites, rain, fungus, and even warping.

If you are from South-east Asia, you might find a lot of cutting boards with this material since this tree is abundant in Indonesia, India, and Myanmar.

But wherever you are in the world, Teakhaus can bring this type of cutting board in your doorstep.

This model has a handle in the center that can be very useful when you have limited space in your kitchen.

The handle can be used for hanging as well as for handling since this board would also look good for when you’re serving snacks to your guests.

The board is big enough and versatile which is why it’s worth checking out.

If you need a huge cutting board, this one is 18 x 12 x 0.75.

It’s the perfect size when you prepare food for a lot of people and for when you want to use it for serving various types of cheese and bread.

If you want to keep the gorgeous finish of this product, make sure to wash it properly, air dry, and apply oil when needed.

And for our final pick at number 4, we have the Hardwood Chef Premium Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board.

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#4. Hardwood Chef Premium Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board

Check Latest Price

This chopping board will definitely catch your eyes since it has a smooth and checkered finish.

Acacia wood is getting more and more popular as a material for chopping boards because it’s very sustainable.

Compared to other types of wood such as maple, acacia grows faster, and it’s not on the list of endangered plants.

Various countries also grow this type of wood which causes it to be cheap.

This cutting board from Hardwood Chef is thick and is designed to be convenient to use.

The sides have handles so you can lift it easily when you’re working in the kitchen.

It’s also useful for when you want to serve food on this board.

There are also deep juice grooves that will allow you to prevent any juices from getting to your countertop when you’re slicing.

It’s also important to note that acacia wood has a lot of natural oils that make it look shiny and naturally water-resistant.

The makers of this cutting board also make sure that buyers would get their items in the best condition.

Instead of getting wrapped in plastic, the Hardwood Chef Premium Thick Acacia Wood Butcher Block is wrapped in butcher paper, with strings tied around it.

This means that you can send someone this gift any time because of its good packaging.

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So that sums up the top 4 best cutting board for meat.

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