Top 5 Best Butcher Knives (Review) In 2022

Top 5 Best Butcher Knives (Review) In 2022

Are you looking for the best butcher knives? 

Well, in today’s article we will break down the top 5 best butcher knives that are available on the market.

#1. Ontario Hickory Knife

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Getting straight into our review with a goodie this is certainly a top-rated butcher’s knife and well deserving of today’s best choice accolade.

what we love about this Ontario 10-inch knife is that you really can use it both inside and outside the home.

it’s that versatile and dependable, as such it makes the most excellent choice whether you are a professional or just a budding and very enthusiastic amateur.

The 711 Hickory as they’ve named it does a great job at chopping as well as skinning and you can even carry out some like camping style machete duties.

Thanks to that no-nonsense design and supreme functionality that doesn’t make it the prettiest of knives but it certainly is durable and dependable and has been forged from high-quality steel.

We don’t actually mind the way it looks. It’s definitely not a knife that we would shy away from proudly displaying in our kitchen.

The great thing about the Ontario Hickory knife though is that affordable price.

Especially when you consider exactly what you are getting for your money.

Due to the fact that it does have a wooden handle you will need to regularly oil it to ensure it stays in premium condition and avoid too much contact with water.

The blade is sharp and long reasonably priced and has a beautiful ergonomic design handle.

It’s our best choice and hopefully you will appreciate it too.

The best key features are:

  • Made in the USA.
  • Manufactured from 1095 carbon steel with a plain edge.
  • Fixed blade design with flat grind.
  • Wooden handle design with rivets.
  • Blade is over 9 inches long.

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#2. Update International Butcher Knife

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We have a heavy-duty 11-inch forged butcher’s knife that has been manufactured to exacting standards in the USA.

It’s a popular choice for many restaurants and professional chefs.

As well as being increasingly used by home cooks keen to finesse their knife skills and add some serious meat weaponry to their home Arsenal.

It’s a fabulous knife for chopping up large portion of meat because of how robust and durable it is.

It features a hand honed fully forged blade with a superior straight edge, that’s been constructed from a durable blend of high carbon stainless steel with high carbon molybdenum vanadium steel.

All of that power combined with a strong and pointed tip means you will have no problems carving through steaks, cutting up large roasts and also chopping up thick sides and pieces of varying meats.

All of that precision still needs a reliable and comfortable handle to better direct it and with the update international you are getting a slip resistant black plastic handle made from POM which is fully ergonomic.

The shape perfectly contours to the shape of your hand for a smooth yet firm grip and it also happens to be fully bacteria resistant.

Additionally, covered by a 5-year limited warranty a knife from update’ international is backed by quality assurances.

As set by the underwriter’s laboratory’s food safety regulations so you can trust that you are getting only a premium product.

The best key features are:

  • Constructed from high carbon stainless steel.
  • Handle is made from slip resistant POM.
  • Contoured shape ergonomic handle for comfortable grip.
  • Straight edge blade with pointed tip.
  • Blade is 11 inches long.

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#3. Victorinox Butcher Knife

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Anyone who knows their blades will be familiar already with the Victorinox brand.

So, it should come as little surprise that they have made it firmly onto our best butcher knife list.

When it comes to the business of sharp and reliable blades, they are hard to beat.

If you’ve not already invested in some Victorinox silverware for your arsenal then what are you waiting for.

This grant and edge knife could be just a recommendation to get your love affair with the brand kick-started.

One of the best things about this blade is how well it handles.

It has a long yet slightly curved design handle, that allows for an exceptionally secure and steady grip.

The blade itself is sharp, super sharp even with the edges going all the way to meet the handle.

This means it stays sharper for longer you need to exert less pressure in tension and therefore you get less wrist and hand fatigue.

It’s an excellent choice for displaying a range of impressive knife skills, handling everything from cutting to quartering and slicing with ease whether you are working with fish beef or any other type of meat it’s more than up to the job.

With a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects too, you’ve really got nothing to lose.

Great quality easy to clean and maintain and ergonomically designed for your comfort and convenience.

The best key features are:

  • Superb Swiss design and excellent high quality.
  • Strong and durable fashioned from durable high carbon stainless steel.
  • Non-slip shaped firebox handle for controlled and effortless cutting and slicing.
  • Ice tempered and treated to retain sharpness for longer.
  • Blades stamped out of cold rolled steel for rider cutlery old fashioned butcher knife.

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#4. Rada Cutlery Butcher Knife

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We’ve awarded this one our best value seal of approval today on account of its exceptional price and its solid performance.

Engineered from surgical grade steel.

It’s guaranteed to stay sharp for a very long time.

It’s better suited to light domestic culinary occasions rather than hunting, gathering and skinning a rabbit for a campsite stove.

It’s lightweight relatively small and also dishwasher friendly, so an excellent choice for a home kitchen.

At 7-inches rather than the 10-inch blades that some of our other butcher knives have this is perfect for those of you with more delicate hands or who need to really get in and work into small spaces.

While you won’t be able to handle big game it’s great for fish and poultry plus it also works well on potatoes and vegetables too, so that gives it more versatility to be used in every day knife.

Made from aluminium, it is a little on the thin side but if you are looking for an easy to handle sharp and affordable butcher knife then this old fashioned from Radha could take all your boxes without breaking the bank, love this product.

The best key features are:

  • Made in the USA to high-quality standards and is budget-friendly.
  • Heavy duty T420 high carbon steel which has been hand sharpened.
  • Includes a skinning tip and features a finger guard.
  • Can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Smaller size is perfect for smaller hands.

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#5. Ultra Source Knife

Best Butcher Knives

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Our next knife recommendation for today is great whether you are an enthusiastic home chef or even fancy yourself as a bit of a pro.

Its fashioned in the straight blade edge style and is the perfect shaped size and also flexibility to cut all types of meats.

Constructed from superior quality industrial strength and grade materials.

The ultra-sauce has proven to be a popular hit with butchers and barbecue enthusiasts.

As well as general cooks alike on account of its ability to effortlessly cut through steaks and briskets.

It’s been through what the manufacturer describes as a cryogenic process which means it’s incredibly hard strong and has a superb lifespan.

It features a similar style exceedingly sharp blade that provides lots of versatility and can be used on game and fish as well as poultry and meat.

It comes with an ergonomic textured handle that is slip resistant and while the bright orange colour may not be to everyone’s personal preference it’s certainly a showstopper.

Besides the colour though what else makes the handle stand out is that it’s well balanced and protective finger bolsters which are conveniently located either side to ensure a good firm grip.

Overall, the knife has a seamless blade design which is especially noteworthy as it means it’s super easy to clean and maintain and also won’t harbour any unwanted bacteria.

Available to purchase in two options either straight or scimitar which is the one we’ve reviewed today your ultra-source knife should stay clean and super sharp for a long time as long as you hand clean it and regularly sharpen with a whetstone.

The best key features are:

  • High-quality blade representing excellent value for money.
  • Professional style butcher’s knife with industrial-strength blade.
  • Cryogenic treatment enhances overall performance and helps retain edge.
  • Textured handle is antibacterial protected and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Features front and rear safety bolsters for a firm and secure grip.

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So that sums up the top 5 best butcher knives.

We hope you enjoyed with this article.

If you did please leave a comment on this article and share.