Best Drain Cleaner For Kitchen Sink With Garbage Disposal 2022

Best Drain Cleaner For Kitchen Sink With Garbage Disposal 2022


Are you looking for the best drain cleaner for kitchen sink with Garbage disposal? Well, in today’s article we will breakdown the top 5 best drain cleaner that is available on the market.

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#01 Drano Max Gel 80-Ounce Clog Remover Drain Cleaner

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Drano is one of the most popular drain cleaners on the market and their 80-ounce Drano Max Gel has plenty of clog removing power.

This top-selling drain cleaner has a maximum pro strength thick bleach formula which can penetrate through standing water to cling to your toughest clogs to blast them fast, within 15 to 30 minutes.

Drano can be used for residential or commercial applications and its non–corrosive formula is safe to use on all types of pipes.

The gel dissolves hair or soap scum in the bathroom, and you can even use it in the kitchen, garbage disposals or the laundry sink and it is especially effective at eliminating tough hair clogs.

If you have extra stubborn clogs, you can leave Drano in the drain overnight and in the morning the drain will be unblocked and working to perfection.

The Max Gel comes in an 80-ounce bottle and a 2, 4 or 6-pack.

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#02 GreenPig Solutions Septic Tank Treatment

Best Drain Cleaner For Kitchen Sink With Garbage Disposal

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The Green Pig Solutions Live Septic Tank Treatment is an excellent natural treatment for a blocked up septic tank.

The unique concentrated formula is populated with one billion bacteria that quickly multiplies to absorb and digest sludge, grease, paper, and solid waste.

This treatment helps to break down septic waste to avoid any future clogging problems.

It will keep the sewage flowing without restriction and eliminates any nasty odors.

As well as using the treatment in your toilet and septic tank, GreenPig can be used in a cesspit, leach field, drain field, and mound systems.

This septic drainer treatment can quickly clear sludge in 15-30 minutes depending on the state of the drain.

The 1-year treatment can be used for 500,1000 and 1500-gallon tanks and it is very easy to use.

Simply flush one of the 4 water-soluble pre-measured packets down the toilet once every 3 months, and the packet will dissolve in your septic system.

No mess, no fuss, no measuring involved.

GreenPig also makes a 2, or 5-year supply.

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#03. Thrift 2lb Drain Cleaner

Best Drain Cleaner For Kitchen Sink With Garbage Disposal

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One of the fastest drain cleaners, the Thrift 2lb Drain Cleaner is an excellent choice for any household drainage problem.

Manufactured in Texas, U.S.A, the powerful and highly durable cleaner uses non-acid solid crystals that contain a high percentage of sodium hydroxide which enhances the growth of active bacteria that is already present in the septic tank.

The drainage cleaner can be used in bathroom or kitchen drains, sewer lines, septic systems as well as grease traps.

Once you dilute the crystals with hot water and add the solution to the drain, it will clean out any grease or hair in just 60 seconds.

Just be careful when you apply it as it develops a violent reaction and can bubble up out of the sink, so make sure that you wear gloves and protective eye-wear.

Even though the cleaner is odorless, keep the room well ventilated as the solution can produce fumes when the solution reacts with the hot water.

The Thrift drain cleaner is safe to use on most kitchen and lavatory surfaces, like fine plumbing fixtures, acrylic or fiberglass, porcelain, chrome, plastic, or metal pipes.

As well as the single 2lb bottle, the drain cleaner also comes in a 2, 3, 4, or 5-pack.

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#04 Whink Hair Clog Blaster! 32-ounce Drain Cleaner

Best Drain Cleaner For Kitchen Sink With Garbage Disposal

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Blast away those nasty drain blockages with the Whink Hair Clog Blaster! The 32-ounce Whink Clog Blaster can be used for residential and commercial uses and it works within 5-10 minutes to remove any hair or soap clogs in the bathroom sink or bathtub.

The U.S.A-made professional-strength thick formula pours through standing water to attack and break down tough hair and soap scum and it is safe to use on septic tanks as well as any kind of pipe, metal, PVC, or plastic.

It even works wonders in old houses and pipes without causing any damage.

It is very easy to use.

Just pour it over running water into the sink, bathtub, or shower and wait for it to work its magic and then run hot water down the drain.

The cleaner produces no fumes or violent reactions that can be harmful to your skin or eyes. Great value for money, you do not have to use a lot of the liquid, unless you have a serious clog in your pipes, so you can save the bottle for future problems.

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#05. Comstar 1lb PureLye Drain Opener

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In just 2 to 5 minutes, the Comstar Pure LyeDrain Opener will clear out any clogs and will have your drains back to perfect working order.

For stubborn clogged up drains in your kitchen, toilet, bathtub, septic systems, or grease traps, the industrial-strength super Purelye will power through any organic matter that is blocking your pipes, even the roots of trees.

Nothing will stand in its way! The drain cleaner can be used for residential or commercial purposes and it is highly effective at clearing out the toughest of clogs.

You can use it for fine fixtures, chrome trim, and plastic pipes as the small beads are non-acidic and biodegradable.

The Pure Lye cleaner is very easy to use, just place the beads as per the instruction around the drain and pour in hot tap water, (not boiling water for toilets) and within just a few minutes, the clog will start to clear.

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So that sums up the top 5 best drain cleaner for kitchen sink with garbage disposal.

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