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#1. Presto Dual Basket Pro Fry Deep Fryer

deep fryer reviews

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The best overall deep fryer.

The Presto Dual Basket Pro Fry relies on an 1800-watt immersion element that you can remove for easy cleaning.

The fryer features an adjustable thermostat and a signal light that lets you know when it’s fry time.

The baskets are made of lightweight metal and are shaped to fit large pieces of chicken and fish.

The device comes with a one-year limited warranty.

The Pro Fry is versatile enough that you can steam vegetables with it, too.

You basically just fill the fryer with water instead of oil, turn up the heat, and put the cover on.

It’s also helpful to keep the cover on when frying with oil to avoid splattering.

When done, you can store the oil in the fryer and reuse it until your food starts to come out too greasy.

Crispy & Golden, a deep fryer niche site, ranks the Presto Pro Fry among the top five best deep fryers because of its many features, affordable price, and quality design.

Rating put the Pro Fry at number three on its list of the top 10 deep fryers because of its versatility and how easy it is to use.

The reviewers also liked that they could make up to twelve cups of fried foods in one batch, which makes it ideal for entertaining.

Fryer Guide, another industry site, also liked the reasonable price tag, the quality of the food produced, and ease of use, but pointed out that this model lacks features commonly found in more expensive units.

Some 88% of reviewers on Amazon gave the Pro Fry a positive review.

Buyers have had excellent experiences cooking chicken and French fries in the fryer.

One verified purchaser commented that they found beef tallow works well in this model.

There are a few complaints.

With the large size of the unit, you need a minimum of 100 ounces of oil to use it.

The oil takes about fifteen minutes to heat.

And, the fryer overall appears to be made of a thin metal, but we didn’t find any complaints about the Pro Fry’s durability.

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#2. Presto DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

deep fryer reviews

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The best deep fryer on a budget.

The 1500-watt Presto DualDaddy Electric Deep Fryer is great for what it is: an inexpensive beginner deep fryer.

There are no controls to watch or set, and it automatically keeps the oil at the optimum temperature for cooking.

The DualDaddy comes with a snap-on storage lid, magnetic safety cord, and slotted scoop.

The divider that separates the compartments is removable so you can have just one big, durable cast aluminium bucket of oil for frying up a whole chicken.

The unit comes with a one-year warranty.

The DualDaddy is what I use for my personal, “day-to-day” frying.

I purchased mine about two-and-a-half years ago and have not had any issues with it.

It heats the oil at a reasonable speed and produces delicious donuts, fries, beer-battered bacon, onion rings, and more.

The slotted spoon it comes with has proven to be a terrific all-purpose utensil that I use for a variety of different tasks besides deep frying.

The Presto Dual Daddy was reviewed by Deep Fryer Reviews.

The site’s reviewer called it “one of the best electric deep fryers available,” and recommend it because it is reliable and so simple and straightforward that anyone can figure out how to use it.

Appliances Reviewed gave it 4.7 stars due to its design, quality, and value.

However, the reviewer found the utensils it came with were not very useful.

Around 79% of the reviewers on Amazon gave the Presto DualDaddy five stars.

Buyers liked that it heated up quickly in about ten minutes, was easy to use, cleans up effortlessly, and can hold larger food items.

There were some safety concerns since the unit doesn’t have much insulation, and the plastic lid isn’t designed to be a splatter guard.

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#3. Char-Broil Big Easy Fryer

deep fryer reviews

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The best deep fryer without oil.

The Big Easy Oil-Less Turkey Fryer from Char-Broil is unlike any other deep fryer on this list.

Instead of putting your food in a vat of oil, you put it in a large chamber that holds turkeys that weigh up to sixteen pounds.

The food is then cooked using infrared technology, which eliminates hot and cold spots, prevents flare-ups, and produces flavorful results.

To operate this model, you need to have a propane tank, and it is only for outdoor use.

The Spruce likes that the Big Easy Oil-Less Fryer makes frying turkeys easier, safer, and cheaper.

The site also gives it high marks for quick heating.

Epicurious tested out this model using a 14-pound turkey, six 2-pound Cornish hens, and a5-pound ham.

In the end, the reviewers found that the fryer was better for homes with plenty of space for operating and storing the device, but they were impressed with the results.

The Healthy Kitchen Shop gave this Char-Broil fryer 4.7 stars because of its excellent cooking results, versatility, and quality construction.

The Big Easy Oil-Less Fryer has more than 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon.

Users have had good experiences frying chicken, turkey, duck, and prime rib.

The most common comments are that it cooks food quickly and the results are delicious.

There were a couple negatives, though.

One buyer didn’t like that the included basket is unhinged, which causes the rub and crispy skin to come off when removing a turkey.

Another reviewer found that putting the fryer together was too time-intensive.

It took them an hour to assemble the unit.

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#4. T-fal Ultimate EZ Clean Deep Fryer

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The best deep fryer for easy cleanup.

The T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration EZ Clean Deep Fryer features a powerful 1700-watt heating element.

It can cook over two-and-a-half pounds of food and fits up to 3.5 litters of oil.

This model comes with a two-position basket for when you are cooking and draining the excess oil from the food.

And, the lid of the unit has a little window so you can keep tabs on how your meal is progressing without fear of splatter.

What sets this deep fryer apart is its oil filtration system.

On the front of the machine, there is a dial that you turn to initiate the automatic oil filtration.

The filtered oil empties into a plastic compartment in the base of the unit, and you can store it there until you are ready to fry again.

Your Better Kitchen gave the T-fal FR8000 EZ Clean high marks because of its quality, price, features, size, and the oil filtration and drainage systems.

The reviewer recommends it for families because it can handle large loads.

Home Kitchen Land had positive comments about this model because it may be a healthier option when cooking with oil since it makes filtering the oil effortless.

Deep Fryer Reviews gave the unit five stars because the heating element heats up quickly and keeps the oil at a constant temperature.

More than 1,500 people who reviewed the T-fal FR8000 on Amazon gave it a positive review.

The most common comment about this unit is how easy it is to clean.

Everything except for the heating element and cord is dishwasher safe.

Buyers have had success cooking frozen foods, doughnuts, chicken, French fries, taco shells, and more.

The only complaint we could find was that buyers wished the fryer was a bit deeper.

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#5. Cuisinart Deep Fryer

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The best deep fryer for precise cooking.

The Cuisinart Deep Fryer comes with a 1800-watt immersion-style heating element that heats up quickly and stays at your desired temperature.

The stainless steel mesh basket can fit up to 2.3 pounds of food.

The oil sits in a one-gallon removable container that features a pouring spout for effortless filtration and cleaning. ranked the Cuisinart CDF-200 Deep Fryer among its top five deep fryers.

The reviewer liked that you could set it to specific temperatures and that it had a powerful heating element.

Heavy put this model in its top ten because of the sturdy stainless-steel mesh basket with a cool-touch handle as well as the large four-quart capacity.

Perfect Deep Fry found it was well worth the cost for people who want to prepare high-volume batches of food, but the reviewer didn’t like how much space the unit takes up.

Around 84% of the reviews of the Cuisinart CDF-200 on Amazon are for four or five stars.

Users like that this model can heat to higher temperatures and stay at those temperatures.

There were a few minor negative comments, though.

The controls are at the back of the unit, which may require you to reach over a fairly hot area to adjust times and temperatures.

Also, the power cord is fairly short so you will need to have the device near an outlet.

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